Picture Places When


Why must I copy the pictures to change their time or location? Can’t I just change them? Apple does not allow third party apps to change pictures. This is a good thing.

How can I set an exact location for a copy in the set location map? Touch the exact spot on the map and hold for a moment.

What the maximum number of pictures I can copy at one time? There is no limit. If you try to copy 5 or more, you will be warned about the large number of copies.

How come sometimes pictures I take with the camera have the correct time, sometimes not? Digital pictures have two dates. One is internal. It is the local time the picture was taken, without time zone. The other is external; the file’s timestamp. The file’s time stamp is when picture was saved, with time zone. The camera sets both to the same time. However, if you travel to another time zone, the internal time doesn’t change. Therefore, when you compare it to a picture taken in the other time zone, the time interval isn’t correct.

Why don’t you show time zones on the pictures? See above.

How come sometimes when I set the location in a copy, the copy doesn’t have a location? Some picture formats (PNG, BMP) don’t save location. For example, screen captures, and most pictures saved from the Internet can’t save location.

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